Cultivating Responsibility

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Cultivating Responsibility
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Country: Costa_Rica
Volunteer(s) Name: A Barrera
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Florida
Funds community contributed: $454.62
Percentage community contributed: 52%
Funds needed were: $418.91
Funds requested were: $418.91
PPCP #: 515-159
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Cultivating Responsibility

Cultivating Responsibility is part of an ongoing project in Cost Rica that teaches sixth grade students environmental education with a focus on the environmental issues that affect their zone of the country. Throughout this project, the students will be working in groups of five to cultivate their own crops in a hydroponic garden. Each group will have their own workspace, and will learn how to maintain and produce various vegetables; this, in turn, will instill such values as responsibility, leadership, and teamwork.

The students are responsible for creating their workspaces (their property), both building and decorating the wooden boxes that they will use to grow their crops. The school administration has donated a plot of land on the school grounds that is currently empty for the participants to work in. Through Peace Corps Partnership Program the school would be able to acquire the materials needed to close in the area and put a roof over the entire space.

Cultivating Responsibility is very important for the students at their age, not only to teach them responsibility and environmental education, but also to present the themes of food security and the importance of using the land that you have to its full potential. The vegetables that are grown will be given to the families of the participants and also to the school’s cafeteria.

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