Craft Workshop for Women's Local Language Literacy School

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Craft Workshop for Women's Local Language Literacy School
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Community Name: Benin
Country: Benin
Volunteer(s) Name: T. Brown of WA and H. Pagemiller
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Minnesota
Funds community contributed: 5, 236.00
PPCP #: 680-100
Year of project approval: 2005
Projects started in Benin 2005 (4).
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Info about the Craft Workshop for Women's Local Language Literacy School

The local language literacy school for women was created in 2003 by its headmaster, the volunteer local language literacy teacher. Its first class was composed of girls and women who did nothave the opportunity to attend or finish a formal education. In addition to literacy, this class includes basic life skills elements (health development, income generation). Not always understanding the importance of literacy, mentor teachers sometimes do not allow their students to attend class. The inability of them women to attend sessions reflects the perpetual battle against community skepticism.

These women have expressed a desire to open a craft workship for members of the literacy school. All mentor teachers for the apprentices will be current students in the literacy school. The apprentices for each craft will be required to enroll in the school as well. The crafts to be included in the workship are sewing, hair dressing, weaving, cassava and peanut transformation, and local drink production. The headmaster has also invited men from another class to open a carpentry unit in the same complex.

Local authorities have allowed the headmaster to use an abandoned building for this classroom/workshop complex. The community will be contributing this building and will be paying for necessary renovations. Partnership funds will go towards purchasing the necessary equipment to allow for apprentices to learn an applied trade (sewing, embroidery, crop transformation..).

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