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Computer Learning Center
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Country: Mozambique
Volunteer(s) Name: L Fox
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Pennsylvania
Funds community contributed: $2285
Percentage community contributed: 39%
Funds needed were: $3488
Funds requested were: $3488
PPCP #: 640-009
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Computer Learning Center

Every year, hundreds of 10th grade graduates from a village in Mozambique continue their educations at secondary or technical schools in the provincial or national capital. They arrive at their new schools with a huge disadvantage in comparison to their city peers: they have no computer skills.

The lack of computer knowledge discourages many from applying to institutions of higher education or looking for scholarship opportunities. Teachers and students at the local Secondary School are also at a disadvantage. Many teachers lack the ability to organize lesson plans, keep reliable grade books or type basic computer documents. Everything is done by hand and original copies are hard to find. Exams are handwritten on the chalkboard by teachers for students to copy and complete in just 45 minutes, resulting in poor scores. With more than 3,000 students a year and 60 dedicated teachers, this Secondary School deserves to offer the invaluable experience of using a computer to its community.

This project aims to give basic computer skills instruction to Mozambican teachers and students each trimester. These skills will not only improve the quality of education at the school, but will also reinforce to the community the importance of a continuing education. Funds raised will purchase computers, a printer and computer skills textbooks. The school community is providing the rest of the required materials: a spacious library, tables, chairs, shelves, electricity payments, teaching staff, and transport.

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