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Community Youth Center
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Volunteer(s) Name: C Morgan
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Illinois
Funds community contributed: $1615
Funds needed were: $4633
Funds requested were: $4633
PPCP #: 313-110
Year of project approval: 2008
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Info about the Community Youth Center

A community youth center is a way for the youth to learn new, valuable skills that will enable them to succeed in the ever changing world. A community youth center will teach youth leadership and provide civic education. Our town currently has a building that is used for youth and sporting activities. The building has three rooms, which are empty, that need to be remodeled in order to provide adequate facilities to the children. This project aims to remodel a room in the youth center and create an activities room in which children can come and spend their free time.

Programs held here will allow for vocational, life skills, job preparation and technology skills training. The center will also be a place where the youth can learn about nutrition and health, arts and crafts and recreational athletics and games. We will use computers and audio/visual equipment, such as a white board, dvd player and TV, to enhance the effectiveness of the trainings.

As stated before, the town has a room that can be used for the creation of a youth center, but it lacks the proper equipment and materials to furnish the room. The funds will go towards creating a community-centered youth institution that is both apealling and inspirational to the youth. The room will be under the supervision of Municipal center’s employees. The Municipal center will also work to design and create programs to aid the development of the youth in the community.

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