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Community IT Center Panama
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Project Type(s):

Country: Panama
Volunteer(s) Name: F. DeWorken-Eley
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Wisconsin
Funds community contributed: $6930
Percentage community contributed: 28%
Funds needed were: $14639.46
Funds requested were: $17054.46
PPCP #: 525-094
Year of project approval: 2008
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Info about the Community IT Center Panama

The Community Infocenter will be a 20-computer information technology center connected to the internet through a high-speed satellite line. It will provide basic office services such as copying, faxing and a conference center-meeting room, to the approximately 1,400 inhabitants of this community as well as to the outlying 4,000 inhabitants of the wider district. These residents currently travel anywhere from 1 to 4 hours in bus to access basic office services. The Infocentro is a sustainable project that will benefit the development of the district and the overall well being of the inhabitants of the district. It will be managed and operated for profit by an active group of retired community members and will provide organizational resources to the community at large and to local governmental agencies and schools in specific. This project will allow for the development of entrepreneurship in the district by providing a local outlet for research on business regulations and practices. It will also allow for small business owners to communicate with resource providers easily and cost effectively.

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