Classroom Construction Vanuatu

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Classroom Construction Vanuatu
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Project Type(s):

Country: Vanuatu
Volunteer(s) Name: S. Sherry
Funds community contributed: $26287.64
Percentage community contributed: 78%
Funds needed were: $4489.90
Funds requested were: $7006.29
PPCP #: 461-024
Year of project approval: 2008
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Info about the Classroom Construction Vanuatu

This project takes place in a primary school located on a very small island in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. The primary school has developed a ten-year plan to expand the school’s current facilities to include new single and double classroom buildings, and a library and science laboratory. Current facilities include teacher housing, a triple and a double classroom which accommodate a small office for the headmaster and a very small library. This proposal covers the first phase of the expansion; which is to build the single classroom building. This classroom is intended for year 1 (first grade) students. Project funds will assist in covering the costs of building materials, classroom furniture, and transportation costs.

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