Camp GLOW - Veliko Turnovo

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Camp GLOW - Veliko Turnovo
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Project Type(s):

Country: Bulgaria
Volunteer(s) Name: M Savage
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Tennessee
Funds community contributed: $6, 049.00
Percentage community contributed: 73%
Funds needed were: $1, 325.00
Funds requested were: $2, 270.00
PPCP #: 313-055
Year of project approval: 2003
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Info about the Camp GLOW - Veliko Turnovo

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is a 10-day experience aimed at fostering self-esteem, leadership and teamwork skills, civic responsibility and expanding knowledge of current issues facing young Bulgarian women ages 14-18. Camp GLOW is conducted in English and incudes activities, games, discussions, seminars and guest speakers. Previous camp attendees serve as counselors and junior counselors for small groups of five campers. These counselors undergo a three-day training session on peer-counseling, mediation, communication, facilitation as well as providing encouragement and support to all campers during Camp GLOW. Peace Corps Volunteers serve as advisors and most camp activities are conducted by the Bulgarian counselors and junior counselors. The community is contributing 25% of the total project cost including promotional materials and some supplies. Partnership funds are needed to pay for transportation for 70 campers, materials for planned activities and a closing banquet and ceremony.

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