Camp GLOW - Bulgaria 2004

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Camp GLOW - Bulgaria 2004
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Bulgaria
Region: gHlLHzGCyKlTCgh
Country: Bulgaria
Volunteer(s) Name: Burchard Burchard
Volunteer(s) Homestate: South_Dakota
Volunteer(s) Home city: clibZAbnBvQTlwfXcQ
Counterpart's Name: Burchard Burchard
Affiliate organization: xKlmflddibcUmZVxi
Funds community contributed: cwAgPWIIlaTBMlbwarning.png"cwAgPWIIlaTBMlb" is not a number.
Percentage community contributed: dViWhIDgvzNtFFROMowarning.png"dViWhIDgvzNtFFROMo" is not a number.
Funds needed were: WpbFmJMjWwarning.png"WpbFmJMjW" is not a number.
Funds requested were: 3290
PPCP #: 313-048
Year of project approval: 2004
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Camp GLOW - Bulgaria 2004, Center for Education and Upbringing, Computer Lab Project - Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria.svg
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Info about the Camp GLOW - Bulgaria 2004

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