Brasov County, Emergency Management Workshop

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Brasov County, Emergency Management Workshop
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Community Name: Brasov
Region: Brasov
Country: Romania
Volunteer(s) Name: B. Woodward
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Oregon
Volunteer(s) Home city: Eugene
Funds community contributed: $1458
Percentage community contributed: 34%
Funds needed were: $2790
Funds requested were: $2790
PPCP #: 403-041
Year of project approval: 2001
Project located: yes
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Brasov County, Emergency Management Workshop
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Info about the Brasov County, Emergency Management Workshop

During the summer of 2001after days of unusually heavy rain fall floodwaters began rising in northern Brasov County, an area located in the Transylvania region of Romania. As many as 150 families were affected and had varying levels of flooding enter their homes. While no families were in fact made homeless from this event, it nonetheless made County disaster officials aware that they were unprepared to provide emergency services for such a large number of disaster victims. In order to be better prepared to provide relief for disaster victims from future emergencies, the community is seeking Partnership support to conduct a workshop on shelter operations for 30 Civil Protection officials. The workshop will develop the community's capacity to provide aid and comfort to evacuees during times of disaster. Classes on Emergency Management systems from the West will also improve the qualifications and abilities of these disaster officials. In addition, the capacity building workshop will bring together local political leaders, emergency first responder and the Romanian Red Cross as well, with over half of attendees coming from the Brasov County Inspectorate of Civil Protection. Immediate effects from the training are measurable in terms of increasing organizational capacity to conduct shelter operations. Ensuring this capacity is carried forward into the future will require support and dedication of local political leaders. Acquiring their support is critical to future training events occurring and maintaining the ability of local officials to provide assistance to disaster evacuees. By integrating this training between both the responder and policy groups, future corroborations can lead to developing additional responder capacity as well.

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