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Books For Cameroon
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Country: Cameroon
Volunteer(s) Name: W Lee
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Missouri
Funds community contributed: $8050
Percentage community contributed: 41%
Funds needed were: $11500
Funds requested were: $11500
PPCP #: 694-142
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Books For Cameroon

Reading is the gateway to knowledge and often the access to such knowledge is taken for granted. In Cameroon, students thirst for knowledge yet many schools are not equipped with a functioning library. The Books for Cameroon project will establish a library in 25 schools and benefit over 20,000 students. The schools will range from primary to high schools; some already have an existing library in need of improvement, others simply have a room waiting to be filled with books.

As Cameroon is a country striving for bilingualism, this project will be carried out over two phases, supplying books in both English and French. During this first phase, Books For Africa has been contacted and is committed to sending a 40-foot container of 22,000 English books for this project. Shipping charges to Cameroon and related custom clearance costs will amount to $11,000. Books For Cameroon Phase I will involve schools in the East, West and Southwest regions of Cameroon, bringing English books to both Anglophone and Francophone regions, including many bilingual schools.

Selected participating schools will demonstrate commitment by supplying a secure room, bookshelves and all other materials related to the functioning of a library. In addition, school staff must commit to attending a library management training host by Peace Corps volunteers. Participating schools will incorporate the donated books into the teaching curriculum and devise a plan to encourage and instill a love for reading among students. Volunteers will monitor the functionality of the libraries after the books are delivered to ensure effective usage.

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