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Bonnie Cowart Thie
Flag of Afghanistan.svg
Country Afghanistan
Years: 1971-1975
Group Code 11
Site(s) Faizabad, Kabul
Region(s) Badakshan
Program(s) Education
Assignment(s) English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
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From US town/city Coupeville
Bonnie Thie started in Afghanistan 1971
Ron Dizon, Bonnie Thie
Region: Badakshan
Bonnie Thie
Education in Afghanistan:Education.gif
Steve Colberg, Dan Hoogen, Edward P. McDaid, Scott Phair, Bill Plummer, Susan Estelle Ramsay, Bonnie Thie, Randall E. Trudelle
Other Volunteers who served in Afghanistan
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Projects in Afghanistan
Flag of Afghanistan.svg
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Bonnie Thie, the Peace Corps’ country director in China, began her career with the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Afghanistan, where she served for three years in the 1970s. She served 18 years with the Environmental Protection Agency most recently as the director of policy, communications and resource management in the Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds in Washington, D.C. and in the EPA’s Seattle Air Quality Office, working with states, tribes and Environment Canada to protect and improve air quality in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. She also served as assistant regional counsel for EPA, enforcing environmental laws. She is most proud of her work to develop the Federal Air Rules to protect air quality on Indian Reservations in the Pacific Northwest. After attending law school at the University of Oregon, she practiced law in Alaska, first in private practice and then as assistant attorney general for the state of Alaska, working on oil and gas leasing, as well as a range of municipal law and use issues. Her undergraduate degree is in history from the University of Washington, which is currently the #1 producer of Peace Corps volunteers in the nation.


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