Bicol Region Camp GLOW

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Bicol Region Camp GLOW
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Community Name: Baguio City
Country: Philippines
Volunteer(s) Name: B. Cashman
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Vermont
PPCP #: 492-199
Year of project approval: 2004
Project located: yes
Projects started in Philippines 2004 (1).
Bicol Region Camp GLOW
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Info about the Bicol Region Camp GLOW

The first Camp GLOW was held in the Pilippines in Baguio City in 2001 in response to the community's concern that young women are being bypassed in their communities, schools and families in favor of young men. Following the completion of that camp, which focused on giving underprivileged young women the chance to develop the leadership skills and self-esteem that would help them to become responsible, contributing members of their society, other communities expressed a desire to hold similar camps. In response, the first Annual Bicol Region Camp GLOW was held in 2003, and was attended by 20 Filipina adolescents, 5 adult Filipina teachers, and 5 Peace Corp Volunteers The 2nd Annual Bicol Region Camp GLOW, scheduled for April 18-24, 2004, will again focus on helping young Filipina women develop leadership skills and self-esteem. Participants will include 30 Filipina adolescents, 10 adult Filipina teachers, and 10 Peace Corps Volunteers. This year's camp will also include not only young women and teachers from the public school system, but also young women from social welfare homes and their social workers. Partnership funds are needed to assist with expenses for participants' meals, supplies for planned activities, administrative costs such as computer rental & photocopying, and travel to the camp. The community has donated the facilities for the camp and is providing the guest speaker.

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