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If you're thinking about applying to the Peace Corps after graduation, this club has your name written on it. We'll have many Peace Corps alumni coming in to share their experiences with us!

Our goals:

-To encourage involvement with the environment around and outside of campus.

-To learn about local and global issues.

-To make an impact by volunteering in the community.

-To promote peace through public service.

We have meetings every Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm. You're very welcome to join us!

[edit] About BPCC

We hope to gather a group of people with a common interest of serving others for the well-being of the community we live in. This group’s especially beneficial for people who are planning to apply to the Peace Corps: we plan to hold Peace Corp alumni panels and presentations so we can learn about applying. It doesn’t matter if you’re not applying to the corps! The club offers to all an outlet to public service. We do community service events every weekend, as well as host Peace Corps alumni panels at every meeting. In addition, we provide application workshops for those who are in the process of applying to the Peace Corps. If you are dedicated to public service and cross-cultural understanding, this is the club for you! BPCC will maintain a weekly meeting every Wednesday between 7pm and 8:30pm at 210 Wheeler Hall throughout spring 2010. In an event of a time conflict with another endorsed project, modified meeting day or time will be announced a week in advance. BPCC membership is free and open to every free spirit. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our meeting on Wednesday!

[edit] BPCC Mission Statement

Berkeley Peace Corps Club is an independent public service secular student organization centered on the core value of community development, which aims to promote community awareness and a sense of personal and social responsibility in the community and environment. The organization hopes to become a registered non-profit organization with Cal Corps. Building a self-sufficient, sustained community through skills training and environmental reeducation is our key to successful economic development. Berkeley Peace Corps allows members to learn and develop their skills from contributing their effort in helping improve economic and living conditions of the impoverished population, promote reuse & recycling as well as restore and preserve our natural wonders along with wildlife. Our organized events and projects are designed to help develop a strong leadership among members. We exclusively endorse secular institutions and organizations with a long-term goal of becoming the most inclusive and diverse organization on campus. Equal representation and participation of diverse student population are valued with high regard in our mission. Weekly community and public service volunteer events are available to our members with a wide range of projects. We organize campus and community educational panels & workshops, fundraising events for worldwide development projects, and initiative public service projects to foster volunteerism, unity, teamwork, friendship, community leadership, cultural understanding, and lifelong learning. Our organization works with other student organizations on joint community service events as well as coordinates fundraising events to help relieve a crisis and help other organizations raise funds for a good cause. We promote Peace Corps and help recruit students and community members to serve Peace Corps with our mission on educating underprivileged population and improving infrastructure in underdeveloped regions around the world. Hence, we are guiding and preparing our members to become a successful Peace Corps candidate.

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