Beekeeping in the Heart of the Andes Boliva

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Beekeeping in the Heart of the Andes Boliva
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Country: Bolivia
Volunteer(s) Name:  ??
Year of project approval: 2008
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Beekeeping in the Heart of the Andes Boliva
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Info about the Beekeeping in the Heart of the Andes Boliva

Nestled on the majestic slopes of the Andes Mountains lies a community that has struggled to reconcile its natural beauty with so much need. More than 200 families in this community in Bolivia suffered from rural isolation and government neglect. In order to fundamentally change their prospects, the villagers decided to boost their incomes in a way that would also enhance their nutritional intake. The perfect solution was to introduce beekeeping. Working with the Peace Corps Volunteer, the community created a plan to build two beekeeping sites (or apiaries) containing a total of 30 bee boxes. In order to increase the project’s sustainability the community planted thousands of flowering trees for the bees to feed on. Additionally, planting these trees also helped to prevent destructive soil erosion on the mountainside. As they built the apiaries, the community members also took classes on creating and maintaining commercial beehives. With the first labeled jar of honey ready for sale, this community is so proud of how far they have come. The support of donors from across the United States, an extremely motivated Peace Corps Volunteer, and the hard work of the entire community, has resulted in 5,000 trees being planted and two apiaries being constructed. The honey being produced is now being sold around the region, as well as being used by the local schools to supplement their students’ meals. This project has done more than just improve a town’s material well being; it has shown them how big they can dream if they work together as a community.

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