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Allan Gale Brookstone
Flag of Chile.svg
Country Chile
Years: 1968-1972
Site(s) Arica, Antofagasta
Program(s) Agriculture
Assignment(s) Fisheries Fresh
Allan Brookstone started in Chile 1968
Allan brookstone
Agriculture in Chile:Agriculture.gif
Allan brookstone, David Kelch, Marc Anthony Mahoney
Other Volunteers who served in Chile
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Projects in Chile
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I worked for six months in the free port of Arica on the Peruvian border as a technician in the National Fisheries Department, then transferred to the Catholic University of the North in the copper port of Antofagasta, 500 miles to the south across the Atacama Desert, as a teacher and researcher in the Fisheries Technology Department. My research was on Concholepas concholepas, the shellfish known throughout Chile as the "loco," one of the most appreciated marine species there, and I received a grant from the Chilean government to further it. In 1970 Salvadore Allende was elected President, and the beginnings of partisan fighting began which soon became a form of civil war, and finally a military coup in 1973 by General Pinochet. I left in 1972 to avoid a dangerous situation.

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