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Albreda, The_Gambia
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Albreda, Farafenni, Jufureh, Kerewan
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Albreda, The_Gambia
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Volunteers Who Have Served in Albreda

Albreda is an historic settlement in The Gambia on the north bank of the Gambia River, variously described as a 'trading post' or a 'slave fort'. It is located near Jufureh in the North Bank Division and an arch stands on the beach connecting the two places.

[edit] History

Albreda seen today

It was founded by Musa Gaye, a Wolof marabout sometime between 1520 and 1681. The town was called Daraga by Wolof traders and Albadar by the Mandinkas

In 1681 the land was given to the French by the local ruler, Niumi Mansa, because his people were reliant on trade with Europeans. The French exclave was never very large (never more than one factory) but was inconvenient for the British, who otherwise had a monopoly on trade on the Gambia River, including possessing James Island, fulfilling a similar function less than two miles away on the opposite bank. There was constant tension and occasional skirmishes between the two powers.

It was transferred from the French colonial empire to the British empire in 1857. Nowadays it contains a slave museum.

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