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Projects in Albania
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This page is a listing of all Projects in Albania.

If you served in Albania, please create a page on your project. Thanks!

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(7) Albania_projects in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: If you did a project in Peace Corps, please add your project to the Peace Corps Wiki, it's useful to identify the community in the "project name." If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

Name of community was Name of region was Lastname Is from state Funds community contributed Funds needed were Funds requested were Year of approval was
Saranda Regional Directorate of Cultural Monuments Saranda Green 16001,600 2453736.52006
Peshkopi School Library Investment Project Peshkopi Slattengren Minnesota 22052,205 2453736.52006
Summer Camp (Albania) Bevins Colorado 16491,649 961961 996996 2454832.52009
Hope for a Better Future - Youth Camp Albania Surrett Wisconsin 707.79707.79 14051,405 1654.191,654.19 2454832.52009
Outdoor Ambassadors Summer Program Albania Zaretsky New_York 3417.213,417.21 9350.739,350.73 9350.739,350.73 2454832.52009

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