A Dry Student is a Good Student Masaga Tanzania

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A Dry Student is a Good Student Masaga Tanzania
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Community Name: Masaga
Country: Tanzania
Volunteer(s) Name:  ??
Year of project approval: 2007
Project located: yes
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A Dry Student is a Good Student Masaga Tanzania
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Info about the A Dry Student is a Good Student Masaga Tanzania

Access to a quality education is a key facet of every parents dream: that their children will have even more opportunities in life then they had. That is why it was so difficult for the parents of Masaga, Tanzania to watch their children struggle to learn due to the poor state of their school. Situated in the Southern highlands of Tanzania, the Masage Primary School has fallen badly into disrepair. There were only a few desks in the school, forcing the 260 students of Masaga to crowd together on thin benches, with many having to settle for sitting on the mud floors. As there was no electricity in the school, it was necessary to keep the windows open at all times in order to conduct lessons. However, this would become utterly miserable for the students during the rainy season. As rain poured through the open windows and onto the dirt floors, the students were forced to huddle inthe center of the room and would try to concentrate on their studies. For the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community it was clear that work needed to be done. Due to a fervent commitment to improve their children’s education, the town leaders and the Peace Corps Volunteer were able to get the entire community involved in this project. Through months of hard work, the classrooms were brought up to a level that would allow the students to focus on their education. Cement floors were added to the school rooms, which made the classrooms more usable and avoided the old problem of runoff from the nearby hillside when rain fell. Windows were installed allowing the entire classroom to be used during the heart of the rainyseason. The roof was patched, and the dangerously dilapidated pathways of the school were repaired. Doors with locks were installed, allowing the teachers to store material at the school. Finally, desks were brought in so that each student would have a place to work. By bringing the school up to basic standards, the students of the Masage Primary school are now able to concentrate on their studies with out having to put up with so many distractions and discomfort. Due to the strong participation by the entire village of Masaga, the town’s people have seen that they do not have to wait for government support to improve their community. They truly feel empowered to shape tomorrow for themselves. The community saw their future in their schools, and that future is looking a lot brighter due to their wonderful work and the tireless dedication of their Peace Corps Volunteer. Now the people of Masage have a school that they cantruly be proud of.


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