2009 Girls' Conference

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2009 Girls' Conference
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Country: Guinea
Volunteer(s) Name: C Murtaugh
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Wisconsin
Funds community contributed: $1507
Percentage community contributed: 30%
Funds needed were: $3373
Funds requested were: $3373
PPCP #: 675-139
Year of project approval: 2009
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2009 Girls' Conference, Girls' Conference 2009, Primary School Renovation
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Info about the 2009 Girls' Conference

Peace Corps Guinea and local partners have a tradition of sponsoring annual Girls’ Conferences to empower young Guinean women. The general objectives are to: promote the well-being of young women in Guinea; expose them to professional Guinean women; discuss their rights as women; and empower them to defend their rights and the rights of others. The Conference includes interactive sessions, a panel of professional women, a visit to a health center staffed by women and a talent show based on the themes of the conference. Upon returning to their communities, participants and volunteers plan activities for the girls to share what they have learned with their communities. This is a proposal to sponsor the 2009 Guinea Girls’ Conference.

Guinean women and girls face innumerable challenges to completing their educations, leading healthy lives, and earning a living. Girls’ Conferences are designed to give young women an opportunity to express themselves, engage in discussions about issues that impact them, and learn about topics pertinent to their health and well-being (e.g., female genital mutilation, family planning, nutrition).

Each participant’s community contributes towards her attendance. Additionally, we receive discounts from the conference facility, presenters forgo a full honorarium, and our local partners contribute their experience and knowledge. The PCPP funds will go towards transportation, lodging and food during the conference, as well as materials for presentations and activities.

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