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In progress of sorting questions by country. (To view all responses for the same question).

  • Completed:
    • Section I (partial)
    • Section H

See also 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey

[edit] A. Your Peace Corps Assignment

The term "primary assignment" refers to your assignment which is part of an overall project plan designed by your host country partners and in-country Peace Corps staff.

[edit] B. Training for your Peace Corps Assignment

Your responses here will help staff at headquarters assess and enhance the effectiveness of Volunteer training.

[edit] C. Your life in the Peace Corps

These questions help us monitor and compare Volunteer living conditions. Your access to information and communications will help us to know the options available to reach Volunteers.

[edit] D. Volunteer Assignment Goals and Impact

Your answers will provide important documentation of the impact of your Volunteer service.

[edit] E. Peace Corps Support

Your answers will identify areas where support may need to be improved, as well as areas which are meeting your needs.

[edit] F. Your Safety and Security

Your answers will help us improve the personal safety of Volunteers while in the Peace Corps. Please remember that the survey is anonymous and will be sealed by you to keep your answers confidential. Your answers will help the Peace Corps improve safety and security training, support, and services.

[edit] G. Volunteers working in HIV/AIDS

Peace Corps will use this information to better support the work of Volunteers in HIV/AIDS.

[edit] H. Your overall assessment of your Peace Corps experience

[edit] I. Background Information

This information tells us how different groups answer survey questions and shows us if any group is not well represented.

[edit] J. Your Recommendation

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